When your parents taught you to share, did you wonder if one day that might extend to your woman? I've no doubt this fills some men with dread. Letting another man experience pleasure at the hands of your very own squeeze might be more unimaginable than lending your coveted convertible to your decidedly unworthy neighbour. But stop for a moment and try, if you will, to cast your jealous tendencies to one side - and imagine how exhilarating it could be to watch someone else "test-drive" your woman. Warning: serious objectification of men and women follows...

There are many men who already "get" this fantasy. Some of them, I know for a fact, will be reading. They understand the appeal. You have a beautiful woman and you like to show her off. So why not go all out and give her both the chance to feel  adored and lusted after by two men (for the woman an MFM or Male-Female-Male ménage à trois is like being in heaven) and get the thrill of a lifetime as you watch her perform in all her glory from a wholly different perspective.

From a male point of view, it allows you to show off and give another man a taste of what he can't have every night (even if she doesn't quite behave like a slut every night). From a female point of view, we might let you think we're doing all this for you and your ego, but you're forgetting about ours. In the same way that men would die to be pleasured from every angle by two hot women, we simply adore being the centre of sexual attention - and the more attention this involves, the better.

In order to keep her sweet, there'll need to be kissing aplenty; she won't appreciate a re-enactment of something you downloaded. What I'm talking about is a threesome of taste and consideration. Seduce her. Worship her. Tell her she's beautiful. The first time I sat between two incredibly good-looking, well-dressed men and they began greedily kissing my neck, stroking my thighs and cupping my breasts, I went into a sensory overload that nearly caused me to black out. It's that intense.

My only complaint is that the foreplay didn't last long enough and it went from sexually charged high-fashion ad to "let's all get naked" porno-style far too quickly for my liking. Having said that, the stark reality of being naked in front of your partner and someone else, as that someone else does things to you that cause you to gasp, while your partner gets harder by the second, is a turn on in a league of its very own. From the third person's point of view, he's likely to be pretty in awe of you both. You're man enough to let her play, she's experimental and confident enough to do it. I believe the whole experience, from from start to finish, will surprise even the most doubtful.


It's not a game for men lacking in self-esteem. The dangers are obvious - will she like him more than you? Will he have a bigger cock than you? Will he last longer? What if you can't get wood or even worse, you come too soon? The usual pressures of performing are doubled when there are more watchful eyes in the room - competitive male eyes at that. Which leads me on to my next point - finding the right candidate. What you don't want is to be spending the whole time comparing yourself, favourably or otherwise, to this person. Choose a complete stranger you never plan to see again, and only proceed if it feels right, or find someone you can trust, someone non-confrontational and genuine. If it's going to be a regular thing, get to know them a bit first and find out their motives. I'd strongly advise against inviting close friends into your bed. There are, despite everything I've said, self-respect issues involved, resulting purely from other people's negative judgments and prejudices. If it all goes wrong, you need to be able to sever ties with immediate, painless effect and no one ever need find out what a deliciously filthy pair you are.

I spoke to some fellow MFM advocates who were only too happy to express their opinions on this surprisingly common sexual fantasy-come-true. "It's not for everyone, but when you are the right type, it's amazing. There's something about a confident, sexy woman who is handling two guys at the same time: wow." And knowing that woman is yours is bound to brighten up even the dullest day at the office as you cast your mind back to the weekend and some bloke who thinks you're the luckiest man alive. Then came: "I want to blindfold my girl, tie her down gently and take turns with a male friend. She can guess who's working her over. I think that'd be incredibly hot. Don't you?" I was already suggesting it to my man before he even got to the end of the sentence.

If you think all that's in it for the woman is being "spit-roasted", think again. Yes, there'll be some of that, but as degrading as it looks, when a woman's actually in that position, she'll quickly realise exactly who's in control. If she's chosen her subjects wisely, they'll jump when she clicks her fingers, watching what she is allowing them to do. This in itself is a female power trip. But in order for her to really reap the benefits of ecstasy, she needs to be laid down and explored, inch by inch. Four hands are better than two; two mouths are simply unforgettable. Keep her eyes closed and give her the opportunity to have every pleasure sensation at once. What could be better than the gift of complete trust and gratification?

If your more comfortable with a kinky attention, this might be a better option for you!

FBSM - Four Hand attention

The Miracle of Full Body Sensual attention

I have noticed a few posts here and in other forums lately wanting to know more about FBSM or wanting to know why people think FBSM is so great if it doesn't involve FS (full service). Some of the replies to these inquires have indicated what most folks on this board know well, which is, that FBSM is so much more erotic and intimate than the other 'services', the fact that the client and provider don't engage in explicit sex goes nearly unnoticed in a good FBSM session. To be sure, a good FBSM session is highly sexual and erotic, just without the intercourse or oral expectations associated with other services.

There are a number of reasons that FBSM is so highly rated. First and foremost are the providers themselves. The personal qualities and life styles of the FBSM providers reflect a great deal of compassion, intelligence, human interest, and a commitment to caring. Through their services they communicate that they enjoy working with their clients as much as we enjoy them. In other words, they like their jobs and it shows. This is infinitely more satisfying than being with a provider that doesn't like what she is doing, or who is in the business because of lifestyle or substance abuse issues. For these providers, it too shows in their work, through lack of attention, rushing, poor interactions, loss of intimacy, emotional instability, inability to relax or focus in the moment. The excellent personal qualities of the FBSM provider alone makes FBSM the 'Grand Dame" of the services.

Then there is the attention itself, which many have described as unrushed, nurturing, intimate, caring, healthy, relaxing, erotic, unashamed, deeply open and honest, and with no great expectations from either participant other than to relax and to be relaxed. It is this marvelous lack of expectation that is so terrific about FBSM. So often, the expectations for a particular experience mess up the actual experience, causing frustration and dissatisfaction that leaves us wanting something more--FBSM doesn't do that.

But wait, there's more. Other advantages are that we rarely see posts about FBSM providers not showing up or certainly not with the frequency of that for SWs, escorts, etc., and at any rate, no-shows are not considered to "come with the territory" in FBSM as in the other areas. You will also find that FBSM providers are much easier to contact (unless they are very busy) and are very responsible about their contacts. Also, we almost never hear the typical ROB stories such as: "I paid the money, got a 10 min. half-assed attention, and then she told me to leave or she would call her boyfriend." You also don't get hit up for tips or for more money after the session is started. Attempts to 'upgrade' the service or to renegotiate for more money, are a complete turnoff and you should not see it in FBSM. I think many guys would agree with me that, with FBSM providers, you simply don't get that feeling of being manipulated or pressured about the money. It's been my experience that the business end of FBSM is typically very, very low key.

Many FBSM providers appear more stable in their living situations. It seems that FBSM providers typically have their own apartments or homes and keep the same phone number and contact info for a long time. Even better is that they are emotionally stable and emotionally available and open to their clients. Most of the time you can carry on a serious or educated conversation with them and they will surprise you with extraordinary life experiences of true value. Or they will talk about school, their own life or friends, giggle, laugh at you, etc. In essence, in FBSM you get more of the whole person and that, in turn, makes me feel like a more whole person. So, when the focus of the session is FS only, a lot of what I just described is left out. This is why I think FBSM is so terrific.